With each student, in each session, Laura provides the methods and building blocks
    for learning, combined with hands-on strategies for success.


    Laura’s distinctive approach to helping children succeed is authentic and supportive.
    She is dedicated to her clients and truly cares about their accomplishments.
    — Anita H. Strassner M.S., Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


LAURA WORKS EXCEPTIONALLY WELL WITH THE STUDENT THAT I REFER. She is able to address not only their academic but emotional needs as they relate to academic performance. I recommend her highly.

~ Mark Stein, Stein Psychological Associations, Inc.


I HAVE SHARED SEVERAL CLIENTS WITH LAURA OVER THE YEARS and have been completely impressed by her skills and devotion. Laura is more than competent; she truly cares.

So much of education is based in motivation. Laura is the one who can take on the dual role of guide and cheerleader without missing a beat. She is truly a gem!

~ Robert Mann, LCSW, Psychotherapist


I HAVE REFERRED CLIENTS TO LAURA DREXLER OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS and have been so pleased with the results each and every time.

Laura is compassionate and dedicated to her clients.  She truly cares about their accomplishments.

Laura’s distinctive approach to helping children succeed is very authentic and supportive. I have seen children transform from average “C” to Straight “A” in a very short period of time.  She is such an asset to our community!

~ Anita H. Strassner M.S., Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


LAURA WORKED WITH MY DAUGHTER FOR SEVERAL YEARS. She created a great bond that enabled my daughter to improve in her studies.

~ Beverly Kaye


LAURA HAS WORKED WITH MY SON OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS. What an incredible transformation I have seen in my son's work ethics. Not only does he connect on a personal level; he actually enjoys the time they spend working together. Laura has given her support on improving in reading, writing and comprehension skills. Not to mention anything else that comes along! My son is almost a straight "A" student thanks to Laura's guidance and encouragement.

~ Randi Lewitt


MY JUNIOR HIGH SON LOOKS FORWARD TO HIS WEEKLY THERAPY SESSIONS WITH LAURA. He walks out empowered, confident and knowledgeable. She has been a guiding force in his education, focusing on the content of the information as well as study and organizational skills! Laura is smart, kind, and patient. She truly cares and goes above and beyond to help her students succeed.

~ Suzanne Robinson


WE ARE SO THANKFUL TO HAVE LAURA WORKING WITH OUR 16-YEAR-OLD SON, Matthew. As a result of Laura's efforts, his grades are better than ever and his self confidence has skyrocketed. She creates a positive, encouraging environment and has taught Matthew study and organizational skills and how to advocate for himself. She also has constant communication with Matthew's teachers, which enables all of us to work together as a team. Laura has changed our lives.

~ Parent


MY DAUGHTER WORKED WITH LAURA DREXLER WHILE ATTENDING THE BUCKLEY SCHOOL IN SHERMAN OAKS. Emma needed the support of an educational therapist to help develop improved writing and reading comprehension skills. We were so fortunate to find Laura. She is an amazing Educational Therapist!

Laura is sweet and kind. She helped Emma grasp new concepts, challenge herself, and fine-tune her reading comprehension and writing skills. Laura always made time; to fit in Emma’s last minute needs into her busy schedule. She developed a close working relationship with Emma’s teachers as well. I highly recommend Laura Drexler.

Today Emma is thriving as a freshman in college, and doing extraordinarily well. She is a confident student and quite a good writer, as a result of Laura’s guidance and dedication to our daughter.

~ Rena Jacobs


WE ARE CLIENTS OF LAURA DREXLER. When our daughter began middle school, it became apparent that she would need educational therapy. We were highly recommended to work with Laura Drexler.

Laura Drexler is very skilled, knowledgeable and highly trained in educational therapy. She is an educational therapist with a flair. She makes learning both fun and with goals in mind for our daughter to achieve success in school. It is okay to make mistakes and feel safe in the comforts of this wonderfully conducive learning environment. Sometimes children with different learning styles can miss cues both academically and socially too. Laura knows how to zero in on these issues. She teaches new ways that can often effect change with academic and better peer skills, too.

The growth of our daughter has been a long road with lots of motivation given to her to achieve this kind of success because of Laura Drexler who really cares about her students. Laura knows what each child needs. She takes the stress out of learning too.

Our family is proud to announce that our daughter recently graduated from High School. She is now a Freshman in a wonderful University in North Carolina.

Thank you Laura Drexler for helping our daughter feel good about being a learner with different styles. She learned so many strategies while working with you. She became a successful learner who learned to compete on her own terms without all of the added stress that is often associated in the educational environment today. Through your methods, our daughter found her niche both in High School and now College.

We would like to recommend Laura Drexler to families who may need her services. It would be an educational gift for any parent to offer this to their child so they can find school a more enjoyable experience in the classroom.

Thank you Laura for your love and support .It has been lots of fun to watch our daughter grow up right before our eyes. It was like a wonderful cross country bicycle trip . Our daughter crossed the finish line with her cap and gown and big smile on her face!

~ The Ackerman Family


LAURA DREXLER IS AN OUTSTANDING EDUCATIONAL THERAPIST. Combining her knowledge of language development with her strong command of executive functions, as well as all skills relating to academic learning, I have found that most of my students show significant improvement within their school performance. Beyond her knowledge is the warm and nurturing environment Laura offers to every student who enters her office. I have been told that one of the first things she asks a student is "Are you hungry? Would you like to fix a bagel for yourself?" Laura and I have worked together for fifteen years and I plan on continuing our relationship for many years to come.

~ Rhonda Glowalla


WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE KNOWN LAURA FOR MOST OF OUR LIVES as she has taught us important tools in order for us to succeed in every sense of the word. Laura has taught us a multitude of skills including those regarding organization, reading comprehension, writing, and communication. An important part of high school has been building confidence to meet with teachers to gain additional help. Laura has taught us how to do this in an efficient and productive manner in order for us to do better on assignments and tests in the classroom. Laura truly cared about us and wanted us to succeed to our potential. She gave us tools to help us study for tests and quizzes in all subjects and has motivated us to do our best, not procrastinate, and ultimately accomplish what we put our minds to. Laura has not only been an educational therapist for us, but a friend. From elementary school through high school, we truly could not have succeeded without her guidance. We are eternally grateful to Laura for her hand in our successes, accomplishments, and achievements.

~ Ilana and Gracie

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