The clinical practice of utilizing specific  tools, approaches, methods, and strategies
    in order to proactively support a student's academic success.


    Because of Laura, our son’s grades are better than ever and his
    self-confidence has skyrocketed. Laura has changed all of our lives.
    — Parent

Educational Therapy

Educational therapy is the clinical practice of utilizing specific methods, strategies, tools and approaches to help support academic success in students. These strategies are based upon the individual's specific learning profile, strengths and weaknesses.

Educational therapy is provided for students who may have learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, auditory processing deficiencies, language processing deficiencies, vocabulary weakness, visual processing problems, math disabilities, or difficulties in phonetic reading, reading comprehension, critical thinking inferential skills, written expression, organization and time management skills, memory weakness, low self esteem, test taking anxiety. While every student with learning challenges is different, the goal of educational therapy is to address and remediate whatever is interfering with a student reaching his highest level of proficiency.

Does my child require the services of an Educational Therapist?

Ask yourself the following questions: Does my child:

  • Perform at grade level? If not, what needs to get done?
  • Get reprimanded for not listening, paying attention, or following directions?
  • Have difficulty keeping up with his/her classmates?
  • Struggle with sounding out words and understanding what he reads?
  • Experience difficulty putting thoughts into words?
  • Is able to express his/her thoughts with clarity?
  • Have difficulty putting his thoughts down on paper?
  • Have difficulty with the process of writing?
  • Have difficulty following through and completing homework assignments?
  • Does my child procrastinate?
  • Does my child lose papers easily; seem dis-organized, or become easily frustrated about the demands of school and homework?
  • Have difficulty sustaining focus and attention?
  • Excessively daydream?
  • Have difficulty sitting in a chair and controlling self?
  • Lack the building blocks to successfully progress from one year to the next?
  • Express negative emotions about self such as "I am dumb" or "I hate school"?
  • Take too much time to get homework done?
  • Appear unhappy or discontented with the daily grind of school?
  • Been identified by the teacher as a student who is struggling?
  • Been referred for in depth testing to better understand your child's individual learning profile?
  • Views school as a negative experience?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, please consider contacting me for a free evaluation.

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