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Distance Learning

In the Midst of Educational Transition


Laura Drexler, Educational Therapist M.C. C.C.C

Certified Special Education Specialist 

Board Certified Speech and Language Therapist

When the normal circumstances of school-based learning are interrupted by events beyond our control, I offer specialized services in your time of need, providing individualized and specific learning strategies to maximize motivation, structure and academic growth for your student, no matter what the underlying individual learning challenges are.

Re-acclimate Students Into The Classroom

Jump-start proactive learning habits

Develop self-advocacy skills

Strengthen Student Focus and Mindset

  • Learning how to seize the moment and make the best of the challenge at hand
  • Providing positive emotional support to learning that meets the individual needs of students
  • Providing needed emotional support and feedback for parents and teachers
  • Implementing current technology to foster the learning process
  • Structuring a workable schedule and time management skills
  • Offering parents critical feedback to reinforce accountability and formulate an effective and workable reward system
  • Providing continued remediation to address personal underlying learning challenges with reading comprehension, written expression, research and study skills
  • Fostering an I CAN DO THIS approach to learning while supporting positive self esteem


When does a student need distance learning?

  • Any time a student needs an academic or emotional boost to the process of learning
  • Closure of schools or school vacations
  • Scheduling challenges presented by extra-curricular activities such as sports;
  • Summer vacation
  • Gearing up for the new school year
  • Illness and unforeseen events
  • Geographical distances and traffic considerations


30 Minute free session to establish personalized educational goals for student.